It's Alive! The Notion Ink Adam Gets A Real Hands On

So here you go. You’ve asked for it, they provided: live, hands-on video of the Notion Ink Adam tablet in the flesh. While the video is a little fuzzy, it’s fairly complete and shows the flashy interface and multitasking features.

UPDATE – New video after the jump.

AnrdoidPolice also interviewed Rohan, the great white hope of tablet nerds everywhere, and he’s reporting all kinds of great info:

Rohan: No, the system was based on first come first serve basis and was mentioned in the email which was sent to all. So if you are given a window to pre-order and you take 4 hours to finalize the shipping, you get the shipping date available after 4 hours. We have spruced up all our partners and hopefully we will be able to “pre-pone” all the shipment to January. This specific update will only be sent by the end of December to our February customers.

And here’s this:

AP: How will Adam users obtain technical support? Repairs? Do you have any authorized repair/service locations outside India/China?
Rohan: Same information is also available in the warranty document. We don’t have any repair/service locations in India.

Sounds good to me! We’ve pre-ordered one (I think, apparently the card was declined) so I’ll hold off on more judgement for now.

via AndroidPolice