Spabba Gives Your Bookmarks A New Home

Spabba is a service quickly put together by Blippy co-founder Philip Kaplan to help you preserve all of your bookmarks, in case its days are numbered. Kaplan wrote most of the Spabba code while grocery shopping in Safeway, using an FTP program on his iPhone.

While there are quite a few services (including Yahoo itself) that let you export Delicious bookmarks, Spabba (which you probably shouldn’t Google) also lets you export tags, is searchable and was built in 30 minutes. And while the service nostalgically only supports pre-Yahoo accounts at the moment, Kaplan plans on post-Yahoo support as well as an export feature, if there’s enough demand.

Spabba is most definitely part of a groundswell of grassroots nostalgia. It seems like only yesterday we were reporting on the acquisition, and now …  Bathetic posts like “R.I.P. Delicious: You Were So Beautiful to Me”, the #savedelicious hashtag and website and very ambitious tweets like this one all say the same thing, :(.

Hey Yahoo, killing this has hurt your brand more than keeping it would have.