Nexus S Availability And Pricing Announced: Get Thee To Best Buy

Google just announced that the Nexus S is now available at Best Buy and Best Boy mobile stores for $529.99 unlocked (which means it will work on AT&T’s network without 3G (for now)) or $199.99 with a T-Mobile 2 year plan.

Note that some commenters are saying that the phone is not available unlocked right now:

“We will not carry an unlocked version, they are locked to T-Mobile. I know the press releases say so, but it is very locked to T-Mobile and can not be unlocked. If you want to buy without a plan, add to package, click existing customer, and then replacement phone. If you call us please call 8668132021 to place the order for delivery.”

The number is legit (I called), so that may be the best way to go if you want to ensure you’ll be able to get it unlocked in your area. You can check out our full review right here.

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