Gingerbread coming soon to AOSP, geek hearts all aflutter

The Android Open Source Project (known to the geekerati simply as AOSP), is where all the real Android action occurs. It’s the place where all the hard-at-work modders and ROM builders go to grab the Android source code, so that they can compile all those wonderful custom ROMs that you know and love so well.

So, it’s not hard to imagine, then, that the period between the announcement of a new version of Android, and the day that it arrives in the green fields of AOSP, is a particularly difficult time for the Android developer community.

Well, today, geek’s hearts worldwide skipped a collective beat when Google employee Jean-Baptiste Queru mentioned in a tweet both the words “Gingerbread” and “AOSP” in the same sentence.

Sadly, the only date mentioned in those 102 characters was “soon after Nexus S ships.”

While we all pretty much knew this already, I can’t help but get a little excited about a Gingerbread Cyanogen mod — and if you’ve ever considered yourself a fan of Android, you should be excited, too.

[via AndroidCentral]