Lovefilm begins streaming to Germany

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Lovefilm, the Netflix-of-Europe, has rolled out its streaming service in Germany, albeit in Beta. Previously, Germans only had access to the DVD and Blu-ray rental via the post element of Lovefilm, but slowly but surely the company is growing its video-on-demand proposition.

Subscribers of can now stream films to their PC as part of their subscription package. Content comes from major studios as well as “classic and more special interest titles from a range of other partners” at no extra cost.

Simon Calver, CEO of Lovefilm, talks up the international roll out of the subscription streaming service as an important component of the company’s expansion strategy.

Though it sounds like access to streaming movies is via a PC for now, in line with Lovefilm’s digital strategy in the UK, intends to bring access to the streaming service through as many internet connected devices as possible in Germany, such as Internet-connected TVs and set-top boxes.

Lovefilm claims 1.4 million members who can access over 70,000 titles for rental via DVD, whilst on the digital side it offers thousands of films and TV shows via its ‘Watch Online’ facility which is available on the desktop web through the “LOVEFiLM Player” and through devices including SONY BRAVIA, Samsung TVs and Sony’s Playstation 3.

  • Gero Keller

    Have you actually done any research on this article? Have you even logged into There are only 131 films available for video on demand and i wasn’t able to find any TV Shows at all. Am i missing something or did you simply copy&paste the press release of lovefilm?

    • Steve O'Hear

      No, I got up really early this morning, got on a plane to Germany, fired up a PC. And you’re right, the catalog hasn’t filled out yet.

      • Gero Keller

        Sorry for the harsh comment :/
        I was really looking forward to a product like coming to Germany. Your post got my expectations high but got shattered once i registered at, which prolly upset me a bit :)

      • Steve O'Hear

        No offense taken. I suspect the catalog will grow, but it’s early days for streaming as Lovefilm (and Netflix) wean themselves and Hollywood off of physical media.

  • Efe Cakarel

    MUBI ( has three times the number of films in Germany, all better than this list. /efe

  • Linda Love

    Great Idea I think they will have much success

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