Seagate First To Stuff 1 Terabyte Into A 2.5-inch Enterprise HDD

The kids at Western Digital officially called “First!” way back in the balmy summer of 2009 on a 1TB 2.5-inch spinning disk hard drive, but this Seagate model is a bit different and the first of its kind. The Constellation.2 drive is designed for the enterprise market, for servers and data storage needs, not your next laptop.

The drive features 5Gb/s performance and best-in-class low power consumption. 1TB is just an option. It’s also available in 250GB and 500GB flavors with  each model using the T10 Protection Information standard and a Self Encrypting Drive option that covers data security throughout the life of the drive. This is a serious drive for serious people and not clowns like you or I.

Dell will be the first vender to ship units with the Contellation.2 drive. These PowerVault storage enclosures and PowerEdge servers are expected to go out sometime later this month.