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Today TechCrunch Europe is coming to Moscow, Russia, for our first ever TechCrunch Moscow (to be held in English).

The Live video stream is here.

TechCrunch Moscow is at the first Russian private tech incubator, the Digital October Center, located in a historical manufacturing building Krasny Oktyabr (or “Red October” / Красный Октябрь in Russian). The event is sold out but all attendees will enjoy a full day packed with speeches by the leaders of the industry, networking opportunities and a chance to preview promising Russian tech startups.

Co-organised by TechCrunch Europe together with Kite Ventures and Telemarker, our partners have also put together a dedicated event web site and a dedicated Twitter feed. We’ll be using the hashtag #TCMoscow.

The conference will focus on the key issues regarding tech entrepreneurship in Russia. TechCrunch Moscow is about supporting the startup and venture capital eco-system in Moscow and Russia. It’s also about uncovering the trends and the hottest companies and startups in the market right now.

Speakers include Arkady Dvorkovich, assistant to the President of Russia; Arkady Volozh, CEO of Yandex, Russia’s leading search engine; Annelies van Den Belt, CEO of SUP/Livejournal; Semyon Voinov, founder of Zeptolab and creator of “Cut the Rope”; Demyan Kudriavtsev, CEO of Kommersant; Oskar Hartmann, founder and CEO of KupiVip, and many others.

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  • chirpinator

    Check out for a list of the best Tweets coming out of TechCrunch Moscow:

    Feel free to edit or make your own list of Tweets!

  • chirpinator

    Check out this list of the best early Tweets from TechCrunch Moscow:

    And please feel free to edit or make your own list at!

  • Prokofy Neva

    Red October. Good God….

    Look, I hope you enthusiastic tekkies bonding with Batman and Robin over there are going to think to raise some matters of principle.

    There’s a businessman much like yourselves who is in jail facing a second sentence tacked on to the first unjust sentence — the verdict is expected December 15, this week.

    Mikhail Khodorkovsky and his co-defendant Platon Lebedev are basically victims of the Russian criminal justice system, Khodorkovsky is being punished for his political views:

    Your tech community in Silicon Valley is now rewarding the Kremlin-run top-down Skolkovo project with billions of dollars from companies like Intel.

    So for conscience’s sake, and because, as the scientist and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate always explained, peace, progress and intellectual freedom are all intertwined, you must ask about the fate of this man and his colleagues.

    You must ask because his life is at stake — people die in Russian jails, and a lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky, defending another business, also died in a Russian prison last year.

    You have to ask because the same thing could happen to you.

    If you don’t ask, Alpha Dog will feel impunity and feel his hands tied.

    ASK. Asking costs you nothing. Nobody is, um, going to send back your checks for billions because you inquired why a man is in a prison, and why he can’t be let out.

    • Mike Butcher

      I love it when people don’t read the actual post. We held this at Digital October, not Skolkovo. The latter is government backed. The former is not. There’s a difference there.

  • bwalsh

    In Soviet Russia You fund VCs

  • devushkafizik

    Mike, it’s a wonderful conference, i love it!
    My friends told me i’m in this pic (in a white shirt with red flowers) cool :)) in this blog for ages now!

    • fedd

      yet the only comment that is just normal…

  • sergen

    guys, u talkin about it as u in here.
    look at the photo, here is no bears, balalaikas or KGB agents….
    all wuz really great! thanx to all participants and speakers.

    Serge N.

  • norm

    @sergen that is false. I was interrogated by kgb, and had to provide urine, blood and liver sample. Liver sample means they take puncture histology of your liver to determine if it really belongs to you. It was explained to me this is the standard procedure in order to combat organ black market.


    • Psycho

      What the hell are you talking about, dude? :)

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  • Oleg

    The conference was fabulous! Good startups, good pitches and pretty good presentations.

  • chirpinator

    Hey, I updated my compilation of the best Tweets to come out of #TCMoscow. It now contains Tweets from the beginning of the conference up through the end.

    Check it out at

    Please feel free to edit if there’s something I didn’t include!

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  • Max Ischenko

    Great conference, time well spent.

    Here is my quick thoughts

  • knightsoff

    Will be released any stats of how many online users visit live feed?

  • Dmitry Lukovkin

    In general, it was good event, but where’s always option to make something better ;)

    First of all, may be I misunderstood general concept of TC Moscow, but I thought it was to close the gap between Russian and global enterpeneurs/startups/investors communities and let Russian startups compare their level to European and American ones.
    If so, it had a little success.

    Event was ‘high profile’, but VIP speakers like Dvorkovkich (assistant to President of Russia), Schegolev (Head of Telecom Dept. of Government), etc. had not a lot to tell about real life problems and tasks of tech entrepreneurs in Russia – obviously they were covering macroeconomy and social issues.

    VIP-speakers (both Russian and Western) took most time of the event leaving a little for Startup Battle and discussion between startups and investors.

    I think that following could make such an event more useful:
    – Bring two or three European/USA startups with their presentations to the event and leave enough time to discuss their story of succces/failure (which is interesting too)

    – Expand Startup Battle section (BTW, selection of startups for the section was questionable), provide experts with information on startups in advance, and facilitate discussion in order to provide valuable feedback to startups

    – Allow enough time and make experts and guys from venture funds answer specific questions from entrepreneurs – how can Russian startup get funding from Western fund, how can Russian startup get to foreign markets, differences between Russian and European/USA startups.

    BTW, there’s the pain that was mentioned by foreign experts – Russian startups are generally not covering ‘team’ in their presentations – they were told to a lot of times!
    I don’t think that Russian startups are so dumb that they forget to insert this slide ;) – they just don’t know what to say!

    We are dealing with copycat of USA experience in this case.
    There are plenty of high profile and well known tech companies in US. There are a lot of people who have experience launching, running and exiting such a companies. You probably can learn a lot about a team, if you know that team players were, for example, working for Google for a while.

    It’s not the case in Russia – we have much less tech companies which can be considered as selftelling and significant background. Lot of tech guys have following to say: “I was working as a team lead in, er, company which you never heard about… developing the product which never was available to the public (e.g. corporate information system)”.

    Also, tech community is much more dispersed, and often you could not form team of founders, which will gather most of vital experiences and skills – you could have founders that are good techs, but lack Web-design, business development and sales guys, or vice-versa. Taking into account lack of funds until growth stage, uncovered areas go to freelancers or subcontractors, who could be changed often and could not be considered as a part of the team (or could?).

    So I think that Russian startup community have to pay attention to this issue and find what could be said about the team to be relevant and useful.

    • knightsoff

      bla bla bla i dont know UE/USA startup scene bla bla .

      bla bla you must tell me about this bla bla bla.

      • Dmitry Lukovkin

        Sure. But was the reason to come, if not to tell something we don’t know here? Anyway I know situation in Russia better than those smart guys from US/EU, so it’s like bullshit bingo when they come and telling me how exciting to do business in Russia.

  • Linda Lovely

    Great country and people

  • pumashoes

    Thanks for an honest and truthful post, I like it very much. And happy new year!

  • jordan fans

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