Throw Out Your Business Cards, Hashable's iPhone App Is Now Live

If you’ve been waiting for an #intro to Hashable—the only way up until now that you could get into the semi-private business networking service that keeps tracks of your connections through Twitter and email—you can now invite yourself by downloading Hashable’s iPhone app (iTunes link). It just went live on iTunes this weekend.

Hashable makes it super-easy to introduce two people via Twitter or email, or keep track of people you #justmet or had #lunch with or showed a #demo to. Up until now, you had to remember to Tweet out the correct hashtag and the Twitter handle of the person you connected with so that Hashable could record it. That was fine for early adopters, but once you have the iPhone app, there is no going back to the Twitter and email hacks.

Even better, Hashable can replace the need to swap business cards, which end up in a drawer that you can never find when you try to remember who that contact was 8 months later. When you make an #intro via #Hashable or record a connection with a person, each person gets a link back to each other’s profile page and those connections become searchable by hashtag.

The Hashable iPhone app ingests your contacts from the address book on your phone, Twitter, and Gmail and combines them together. (Although, you end up getting a lot of duplicate entries—it would be better if the app collapsed every contact with the same name into one entry). The iPhone app lets you introduce any two people in your address book(s), or record a connection that you make with a person (#justmet, #beers, #meeting, #thanks).

The more you use Hashable, the more it turns your address book into a relationship books which is searchable by tags (assuming you recorded the connection). Want to see everyone you’ve met in the past 8 months? Just search #justmet. Can’t remember the name of that guy who had a metting with last week? Search #meeting.

Connections can be recorded privately or shared publicly on Hashable and Twitter. As you follow more people on Hashable, you can see all the connections they are making in your stream. And the more you use Hashable, the more Hashcred you get, which moves you up the leaderboard for your city or among your network. If you go to the website, you can see which contacts you connect with the most because Hashable measures the strength of each relationship.