UFC.com To Stream GSP-Koscheck 2 Prelims For Free

A friendly tip to all the UFC fans in the crowd. Spike TV won’t be showing the preliminary fights from tomorrow’s GSP-Koscheck II event. But worry not! UFC itself will show the fights for free on ufc.com.

Dana White has said in the past that he see Internet pay-per-view as the future (it’s already making inroads with services like GoFightLive), and this is just one more step in that direction.

Note that only the prelims are free on ufc.com, and that if you want to see the main card you’ll have to cough up the $50 like everyone else.

One thing I’ll never understand: why is it that HD versions of pay-per-views cost $10 more than SD versions? Is UFC still paying off the credit cards it used to buy their HD cameras? How many UFC fans, when given the choice, will actually watch an SD feed? I don’t even know what an SD UFC feed looks like anymore.