French Groupon clone Dealissime takes its technology to Morocco with

Just like every other country, France has its share of Groupon clones, including the likes of Bon Privé, Zanytude (now closed) and Dealissime. This last one has probably caught the most attention, especially when it announced its first round of funding in July with A-list French business angels Oleg Tscheltzoff (Fotolia), Jonathan Benassaya (Deezer) and 26-year-old Simon Istolainen (MyMajorCompany, PeopleForCinema). And now the Paris-based startup is taking its technology abroad and officially supplying the tech behind the first Moroccan Groupon clone,

It doesn’t really take more than a second glance to see the traces of Dealissime on MyDeal’s platform (seriously, take a look below). The site has officially launched its very first offer for the city of Casablanca this morning – with offers for Marrakech and Rabat to come shortly. Like all Groupon clones, deals are likely to include the best restaurants, spas (including hammams !), sports clubs and whatnot only available for purchase for a maximum period of 72 hours (3 days). The site hasn’t officially published discount rates but they’re likely to be along the lines of what Dealissime offers, which is something between 50-90% reductions on all prices.

As one of the few Groupon clones to hit North Africa, MyDeal is the product of an association between Moroccan serial entrepreneur, Fayçal Fassal-Fihri, and French Dealissime. So whether you’re on holiday in Morocco or an official resident of the country, the site is likely to be a hit for finding local deals. All offers are currently published in French but English and Arabic versions of the site are sure follow.