LeWeb Startups: Yourpinpoints is like a Bit.ly for URLs which points to locations

Yourpinpoints from Ireland’s Cauwill Technologies addresses the question: how do people find locations? The benefits are to allow people to find and share location easily. With PinPoint, any location can be created and shared. Sure, sounds familiar. However, A PinPoint is basically a URL that can be delivered to phones by SMS, Email etc. It’s a bit like a URL-shortener for location.

Clicking the PinPoint displays the location in a phone’s navigation software and it doesn’t require any additional software to be downloaded/installed. An example might be that you can convert “221B Baker Street, London” into something like http://directions.to/sherlockhomes – this can be inserted into emails, SMS, forum posts, blogs, tweets etc.

It’s also device agnostic in that if you click the link on a BlackBerry device it will open in BlackBerry Maps, when you click on it via a Nokia smartphone it will open in Nokia Maps and for iPhone users it will open Google Maps and so on. PinPoints figures out what navigation software you have and will show the sent location.

The business model would be that PinPoints would become a solutin for booking engine companies, such ads BookingBug or similar.

There are other projects like Useamap.com, however Yourpinpoints appears to have a lot more end-to-end thinking.