Kicktag: Stealth, Killer Founders, $2 Million In Funding. What Is It?

Here’s an interesting SEC filing I stumbled upon: a San Francisco startup called Kicktag has apparently raised $2 million in funding. The company has a website, but there’s not much on there for now apart from a beta program sign-up form.

Interestingly, the people mentioned in the filing appear to be quite high profile: listed as co-founder and CEO is Michael Downing, former CEO of GoFish and more recently EIR at Stanford Research Institute, INQ CEO and Spotify board member Frank Meehan, and John Mc Intire are also involved.

Also involved, according to LinkedIn: NBC Universal on-air host Gardner Loulan.

According to Downing’s LinkedIn profile, Kicktag “helps video enthusiasts more effectively inform, educate and entertain audiences online – by enabling them to attach relevant and engaging data from across the web to each moment in any video”.

I also found this very recent job posting for a Senior RoR Developer, which makes Kicktag sound even more vague:

We live to create killer consumer technology that millions of people use across the web, consumer applications so cool that all our friends use them, so simple that our moms can pick them up in minutes and so disruptive that they stand to forever change how the world deals with video.

The company was previously named KickLight Labs, so assuming the information on the old website is still relevant today, you can learn more on there (and see a video here).

More interestingly:

Our lead investors and advisors include one of the largest wireless companies in the world, one of the largest investors in Facebook, and individual investors and advisors that represent a who’s who of Silicon Valley stars.

CrunchBase only lists Riaz Valani, General Partner at Global Asset Capital, as a seed investor.

I’ve contacted the company to get more details, but it looks like this one will be very much worth keeping an eye on.