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Who are the superstars of this year’s LeWeb? We’ll it’s hard to pick from the pretty awesome line-up. However, one startup has attempted to sift the list, coming up with the top 10 “titans of LeWeb”. PeerIndex has a technology similar in some respects to Klout to do this.

However, more interestingly they are now pulling together a Twitter list of the top 200 attendees here. This you’ll be able to check their Whuffieas you trawl Le Web’s halls. Mine’s 69, what’s yours?

Meanwhile, here’s the top 10 speakers at Le Web according to Peer Index:

Name, PeerIndex

@kevinrose, PeerIndex: 89

@scobleizer, PeerIndex: 85

@arrington, PeerIndex: 83

@veronica, PeerIndex: 82

@davemcclure, PeerIndex: 79

@garyvee, PeerIndex: 77

@parislemon, PeerIndex: 76

@jess, PeerIndex: 75

@briansolis, PeerIndex: 73

@jowyang, PeerIndex: 72

@loic, PeerIndex: 72

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  • http://Www.FreshNetworks.com Charlie osmond

    Hey Mike,
    I think PeerIndex themselves are one to watch. We just ran a comparison of the top nine social media monitoring tools for finding influencers. From Radian6 to Synthesio and Scoutlabs.

    Free report here: http://bit.ly/influn

    Whilst peer index are new, we got a sense of some great moves coming from them in 2011. Time will tell if they can take on Klout. We’ll soon see.

  • http://www.EngineerDating.com/ Laura Lovely

    Very cool, I like this a lot

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