Surprise! The Nexus S has no microSD slot. Do you care?

With the Nexus S officially unveiled, the first reviews (including ours) have started to trickle in. The general opinion so far? This thing is pretty dang good.

One thing that seems to be catching most of us by surprise, however: the Nexus S… has no microSD slot, nor any other sort of expansion slot for that matter. microSD expandability has become a more-or-less standard feature on Android — so much so, in fact, that it’s one of the things Android proponents will bring up as an advantage over the iPhone whenever anyone makes the mistake of putting iPhone fans and Android fans in the same room. And now, the soon-to-be flagship Android device lacks it..

What do you think? Are you disappointed by the lack of a microSD slot, or are the 16 gigabytes of internal memory enough to sate your data hunger? Weigh in down in the comments below.