What Could Have Exploded In That Droid 2?

I’m not gonna go and play Inspector Gadget on this whole exploding Droid story; Motorola’s already looking into it, and it’s impossible to determine what really happened without tearing the device in question apart.

With that said, for those who are flexing their Internet detective muscle this morning, I submit this shot (taken of a normal, not-exploded Droid 2), showing exactly what’s behind that bit of the Droid 2’s screen.

All that’s there: the antenna, and the speaker. The antenna sure as heck didn’t blow up — it’s just plastic wrapped in conductive lining. Speakers most certainly can get a bit violent when you send waaaay too much juice their way, but that seems unlikely when we’re dealing with 3.7 volt battery like that found in the Droid 2.

Oh well — keep posting your theories over here.

[Shout out to the guys at iFixIt for the teardown photo]