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TechCrunch Europe is helping a major research project which will be carried out in London over the next 6 weeks. We can’t say who’s doing it right now but here’s what it involves.

The researches want to shadow a tech startup based out of London, but especially ones which are based around Old Street, Shoreditch, Hoxton or the wider East London.

In addition ones which have have either already done, or are in the middle of a financing round and are happy to be “shadowed” next week by researchers. If you fall into that catagory then email TechCrunch Editorial under ‘contact’ here and we’ll pass you along in a confidential manner, thanks people.

  • pete

    Old Street, Shoreditch, Hoxton? So the researchers can head off to the trendy bars and act cool after they have finished their ‘work’?

    • Stefan

      Many tech Startups are based in East London Pete.

  • http://Underconstruction Swati Dhawan Bhargava

    Hi Mike,

    Further to my message on twitter, I wanted to express a keen interest for our start-up to take part in this research. I used to work at Goldman Sachs for the last five years, and I resigned recently to start this new venture. We are starting an online business – currently in the process of setting up the website. It will be ready in the next 2 weeks, and after further testing we are looking to launch in mid Jan.
    If you think for the purpose of this research they need a start-up that has already been operating for some time then I guess we dont qualify at this stage. However, if the startup can be in the pre-launch stage then we would love to participate. In that case, please let me know and I can send further details on our business and plan. My bio is here on the Wall Street Journal FLP website – I was invited to attend a CEO Summit along with 30 other CEOs from Europe so it was put there in that context.

    Many thanks for your help and time. Look forward to hearing from you.


    • Rodolfo

      One of the reasons why twitter is great is the 140 chars limit

      • http://Underconstruction Swati Dhawan Bhargava

        Yeah my bad! Didnt realise it was going to paste it here rather than sending it off to Mike. Couldnt even erase my comment after that!

  • SecrDig
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  • Mikey MMo Games

    I could move there tomorrow. Does this counts?

  • Laura Lovely

    Cool news, I am in

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