The Epic Cheap Stocking Stuffers Gift List For Freaks, Geeks and Everyone Else

Stocking stuffers are a must. These little, often trivial items, can make or break a Christmas morning. Whether you’re shopping for a fledgling nerd-in-training or one with a bit more XP, these stocking stuffers will certainly bring them a bit of joy and happiness. All items are under $13, giving the frugal gift giver a bit of breathing room in your holiday budget. Even if you don’t have a stocking to stuff this year, there’s probably something here to satisfy your requirement as a Secret Santa to either someone at work, or even as just a little gift to yourself.

Caffinated Nixie Tubes$7.99 @ ThinkGeek
Because there’s no better way to kick off a long day of opening gifts and dealing with family than a tube of caffeinated sugar.

Prank Powder Decpti-candy$5.99 @ ThinkGeek
Looks like the candy above, but is actually a collection of sour, staining, foaming prank candy. Use in place of a chunk of coal.

Google SPF20 Lip Balm$7.90 @ Google Store
Everyone’s lips get chapped and everyone loves Google. Sure, it’s a bit overpriced compared to supermarket versions, but Google has to pay the power bill somehow.

Android Plush Robot$9.99 @ ThinkGeek
The perfect stocking stuffer for the Android lover in your life — or the perfect gag gift for the family Apple fanboy.

Android Cap$7.90 @ Google Store
Die-hard Fandroids get Android tattoos but it’s sort of hard to stuff a tattoo in a stocking. Give this hat instead.

Casio Data Bank Watch$12.95 @
A classic that anyone from a hipster to an engineer will adore.

Know Your Knots$12.95 @ GarrettWade
Knowing how to tie a knot is about as important as breathing. Therefore, giving this kit is akin to giving life.

Yoda Santa Hat with Bendable Ears$10.99 @ Star Wars Shop
Think about it: the man can levitate, communicate with animals, manipulate physical objects including himself and travel at inhuman speeds. Santa’s a Jedi.

Monkey’s Fist Key Holder$5.25 @ GarrettWade
Nothing says “I’m of the sea” than a keychain with a nautical knot you didn’t tie.

Bench Cookie Home edition$11.99 for a four pack @ Rockler
A truly versatile device born for use in a wood working workshop. This version would still work in the woodshop, but has a slightly more residential finish. Use it to hold and elevate nearly anything, including notebooks.

Star Wars Chop Sabers$12.99 @ ThinkGeek
If you can’t use chopsticks properly, at least you can have fun doing so.

Hexbug Micro Robotic Ant$4.99 @ Radio Shack
Don’t buy just one, buy a bunch and fill the stocking with these little robotic ants. Creepy but fun. Just the way Christmas should be.

Zibit Mini Collectible R/C Robot$9.99 @ Toys R Us
It wouldn’t be Christmas without random cheap robots shuffling around for dogs to attack and dads to step on.

The ThinkGeek EvilTron$9.99 @ ThinkGeek
Think twice — then think twice again — whether you really want to give something that’s engineered to annoy, frustrate and drive a person to the nut house. Maybe this should make its way into your stocking.

Kingston 4GB SDHC Flash Card$7.99 @ Newegg
Please don’t be one of those gift givers. You know the type. The people that give a game system, but no game. A toy, but no batteries. Give this memory card alongside a digital camera.

Titanium Spork$8.99 @ ThinkGeek
Yeah, the spork is the ultimate eating utensil but it’s so hard to find a quality one in Macy’s. Buy this one instead for the Taco Bell lover in your life. Mexican Pizza tastes better when served on Titanium.

Seskimo Crabble Smartphone HolderGB£5.99 @
It’s a little known fact that most smartphones are about the same size so this cradle will work with both iPhones and Android devices. Crazy, yes. Spread the word.

Swiss Tech Utili-Key$10.99 @ SwissTechTools
The perfect keychain accessory. Just hope that the TSA doesn’t start frisking at malls, schools and strip joints. They wouldn’t approve of the 6-in-1 mini-tool.

Keybrid Key-Keyring Hybrid$8.99 per key
If you only have one key, make it this key. And then put the mini-tool above on it.

Screw Key$5 for one philips, one flat
Okay, last key-related item. But this might be handy if you constantly find yourself traveling to the garage to get your screwdrivers.

OXO Cord Catch$6.99 @ OXO
Goes on the desk, keeps mouse and USB cables from slipping back into the void.