EnLabs launches as a Silicon Valley-inspired tech incubator in Rome

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Some 150 people attended the inaugural party of EnLabs (Entrepreneurship Laboratories) yesterday evening. The new 40-desk incubator based in Rome, is open to all entrepreneurs with early stage and start-up aspirations.

The initiative was founded by Luigi Capello, a serial entrepreneur turned business angel who, through investment opportunities, was able to experience and try firsthand the effectiveness of such structures in the U.S., particularly in Silicon Valley.

The incubator’s labs encompass around 400 square meters (4,400 square foot) of space in the center of Rome, a five minute walk from Rome’s Termini railway and subway stations. The objective is to collect under one roof like-minded entrepreneurs with well thought out start-up projects and to help them turn their ideas into growth businesses both locally and internationally.

“We want to create a fertile eco-system for good seed ideas to grow faster and stronger into competitive companies”, says Luigi Capello.  “Italy needs a place like this, where smart people with a project or simply an excellent idea, can go to find a solid platform from where to turn dreams into results.  Having a number of bright and motivated minds, investors, professionals, and academic or media representatives all under one roof creates excellent opportunities for networking and building off of each other’s experience and energy.  The result is turbo-boost accelerated growth of ideas and projects.”

The incubator will house regular events on mentoring, business strategy, development or even culture, and will organize meetings with investors, business angels and venture capitalists alike.  It will also act as a point of contact with industry associations and, through its offices in Silicon Valley, a springboard for young companies that wish to start operations in the US or elsewhere.
Partners include LUISS Univeristy,  Italian Angels for Growth, Annapurna VenturesOpinno in San Francisco and Microsoft.

  • andraz

    400 square meters? That will be enough for max 60 people. Italy needs to do much more than that.

    • http://www.jesperbergmann.com Jesper Bergmann

      if you actually read the article it says that there will be 40 desks.
      While Italy might need to do more as you point out, this is a great initiative and there are a lot of positive things happening on the Italian startup scene.

      • Freen

        I totally agree with you Jasper. Let me say “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.
        We need to start somewhere and somehow and I think that initiatives like EnLabs are an excellent starting point. What we need the most is someone who starts and spreads the message that Italy is a good place for startups.

  • http://www.iubenda.com Andrea Giannangelo

    Yesterday, I was at the opening party and Luigi Capello, the man behind this initiative, told us that this is just the beginning, and his will is to make something much bigger, as soon as this model validates.
    The idea is to incubate for just three months and to provide learning opportunities during this period, with specific meetings (if I understood well).

    Andrea Giannangelo

    • http://www.thestartup.eu Stefano Bernardi

      do you know if it’s based on cash or equity?

      • http://www.iubenda.com Andrea Giannangelo

        Cash+Space in change of equity, I think. Or the partnership with IAG would not make sense.
        The place is also amazing. The cloister of Santa Maria Degli Angeli is just outside the window. Really beautiful.

        Andrea Giannangelo

  • Matteo Fabiano

    Good job, Luigi. I look forward to seeing the space next time I am in Rome. Would be very useful to get a list of companies as they roll in the program.

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