TechCrunch Moscow is go!

On December 13, TechCrunch Europe is coming to Moscow, Russia, for our first ever “TechCrunch Moscow”. The event will be held at the first
Russian private tech incubator, the Digital October Center, located in a historical manufacturing building Krasny Oktyabr (or “Red October” / Красный Октябрь in Russian). You can now buy tickets here. TechCrunch Moscow attendees will enjoy a full day packed with speeches by the leaders of the industry, networking opportunities and a chance to preview promising Russian tech startups.

You can now check out the dedicated event web site here. There is also Twitter feed.

Co-organised by TechCrunch Europe together with Kite Ventures and Telemarker, the conference will focus on the key issues regarding tech entrepreneurship in Russia. TechCrunch Moscow is about supporting the startup and venture capital eco-system in Moscow and Russia. It’s also about uncovering the trends and the hottest companies and startups in the market right now. If you are in Europe for Le Web and want to spend a few productive days in Moscow, TechCrunch Moscow is your chance to check out the scene there.

As the programme is at full capacity, there are no longer any speaking slots so please do not ask the TechCrunch team for this. More details on the final program will be announced, but for now we can say that Arkady Volozh, CEO of Yandex, Russia’s leading search engine; Annelies van Den Belt, CEO of SUP/Livejournal; Semyon Voinov, founder of Zeptolab and creator of “Cut the Rope”; Demyan Kudriavtsev, CEO of Kommersant; Oskar Hartmann, founder and CEO of KupiVip, and many others will be among the speakers.