Red Hat Acquires Cloud Application Platform-As-A-Service Makara

Open source software giant Red Hat has acquired cloud application deployment and management platform Makara.

Makara, which was rumored to be in talks with Red Hat a few months ago, allows organizations to provision, deploy, manage, monitor and scale their Java and PHP applications on both public and private clouds, such as Amazon EC2 and VMWare-based clouds. Makara offers both on-demand and on-premise deployments.

Red Hat, who is best known for enterprise operating system Red Hat Enterprise Linux, plans to integrate the JBoss Enterprise Middleware infrastructure with Makara’s Cloud Application Platform to offer organizations a comprehensive platform-as-a-service.

Red Hat bought open source company JBoss for $350 million in 2006 and has created a Platform As A Service based off of the technology to allow cloud service providers, ISVs and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to take existing assets and develop new applications and deploy them to a wide range of public and private clouds.