Video: KDDI Technology Improves HD Video Playback On Mobile Screens

Japan’s second biggest telecommunications company KDDI is working on optimizing HD video streaming quality on smaller screens. Specifically, KDDI’s R&D Labs are working on making it easier to view HD content originally intended for larger screens on mobile displays.

The idea here is to boost the quality of HD streams when the user chooses to zoom in on a specific part of the screen, something KDDI expects viewers to do especially on mobile devices in the future. The way it works is that the company’s method doesn’t rely on video processing hardware in the handset to do the heavy lifting.

Instead, the video stream is on the server side, cropped and then pushed to the mobile device – without affecting the quality of the stream on the small screen. What KDDI wants to achieve is a sound “three-screen” experience, meaning giving users the same picture quality across TV, PC monitor and mobile screens.

Watch how the tech works in the video embedded below (they are using a Sharp IS01 Android Smartbook for the demo):