Google Should Use This Groupon For Groupon [Humor]

Okay this is just awesome. Internet marketer John Boyle has taken creative liberty with the rumors circulating about a Google Groupon acquisition and mocked up a meta “Groupon for Groupon,” which is exactly what it sounds like.

The Fine Print:

Expires …?
Site may be a fad
Limit 1 per customer
Stock & Earnout not included
Not valid with other offers.


$350 Million in Revenue
Turned down Yahoo!
Featured on TechCrunch
Global reach

So far the counter says “0 bought” but that might change in the coming weeks. And at negotiation prices reportedly reaching upwards of $3 billion, the search engine could probably use the discount.

On a more serious note: We still haven’t heard anything official on the matter from Groupon CEO Andrew Mason and Google has returned our inquiries into the matter with the usual “we don’t comment on rumors” schtick. Heh.

We’ll keep you posted if we hear anymore information, humorous or otherwise.