iPad "Pad" Joke Finally Taken Too Far [Video]

Just like Steve Jobs said we eventually stopped making fun of and just plain got used to the word “pad” in the name of his magical device, no longer thinking of that other thing also called a pad whenever we pass by an Apple store. In fact, we’re already debating the hypothetical merits of the iPad 2 and nary an iTampon 2 or similar reference in sight. Until now…

Iselle Slome and the ladies of ArthurORMartha have created just about the most ridiculous parody of a computing product I’ve seen since MadTV’s extremely prescient¬†Apple spoof. The best thing about this video? It highlights how uncannily similar those cheesy “Windows 7 Was My Idea” ads are to¬†commercials for feminine products.

Warning: Not for the overly squeamish.