Why that baby birth on Google Streetview is a fake

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A child is born on a roadside as a Google Streetview car swishes by. It’s almost good too good to be true. And it is.

The photo, which was apparently taken in the German suburb of Wilmersdorf, exactly outside No. 37 Hubertusallee, Berlin, looks like it was snapped by one of Google’s camera cars. It’s doing the rounds of Twitter and Facebook right now.

A man cradles a newborn baby in his hands beside a car which has been parked hurriedly on the street with its door open. Uh huh…

German website pcgames.de has called it out as a hoax, and it’s not hard to see why.

Here’s where the photo is supposed to have been taken. Notice how close it is to a nearby hospital?

Now, do you think they would have stopped the car 2 minutes form the hospital? I don’t think so.

Another reason it’s a fake?

Here’s the real Streetview picture of No. 37 Hubertusallee, Berlin.

That’s right. It’s blurred out Along with the other 240,000 residents in Germany who opted to have their houses blurred out before the Street View service went live on earlier this month.

Lastly, Google Germany has confirmed its a fake. But it wasn’t really that hard to work out.

  • http://www.stadt-bremerhaven.de Carsten Knobloch

    Full story:


    Picture was snapped by a reader…but it was a fake….but yesterday the house was NOT blurred!


  • Farhan

    So google has confirmed it’s fake, but you had to do a investigation of your own to prove that your a genius :P


    • tatsuke

      My thoughts exactly. On first view, it appeared fake. Then it was confirmed fake by Google.

      But then I thought that it had to have been part of some NWO conspiracy…until now!


    • Grant Putnam

      You lost credibility when you wrote “your” instead of “you’re.”

      • CB

        Grant…. oh dear. You need to learn to look before you leap.

        ‘Your’ is the correct word in the phrase “investigation of your own”. ‘You’re’ is short for ‘you are’ and “investigation of you are own” makes no sense.

        You mentioned credibility?

      • CB

        oops! Just noticed the second ‘your’ in the sentence. My apologies Grant – though it would have been good if you had clarified what you were referring to!


  • Encima

    So, your next article will be: ‘Why my article on Google Street View was pointless’? Jesus, Tech Crunch please start posting ACTUAL tech stories!
    Yes, I am the fool for reading them.

  • Jones

    Honestly, who cares?

    • Noah

      Actually, I thought the story was pretty interesting. :)

  • http://andynathan.net Andy Nathan

    Now back to real news…

  • Scarecrow

    The body of this post should have been 7 words only:

    “because Google Germany has confirmed its a fake.”

    Trying to prove you’re smart and figured it out yourself. Well, you’ve just f.a.i.l.e.d

  • jave

    So its a no news story then.

  • http://L6n.org/android/ Neil

    But the same Smart car is in the fake and the real photo (not the one above). Perhaps the blurry house owner made his own photo.

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  • Brian D

    I still say Sesame Street should be on GMaps.

    Even as a cookie.

  • Jim Wilson

    For everyone hating on this post…THIS IS A BLOG! You want “real” news 24/7 go to CNN.

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  • Michael R. Marano

    Also why it’s fake:

    You simply can’t hold a newborn without supporting the head.

    No blood on the baby or anywhere at the scene.

    • http://twitter.com/mikebutcher Mike Butcher

      Nice catch.

  • Brett

    We deliver babies in the parking lots of hospitals – the little guy doesn’t take a peek out while mommy and daddy are racing to the hospital, sees that he’s only a few blocks away and then decides to just hang-tight a few more minutes, y’know until it’s all comfortable and super-convenient for the family. He’s got his own schedule and you’re playing by his rules, this time.
    So, no, that’s not a valid reason for it being fake.

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  • http://www.studentscircle.net SCN

    this is news i suppose? after google has confirmed its a fake..

    Any time soon that TC Europe will do an article about Students Circle Network ? – http://studentscircle.net/live/

  • http://www.tech2hell.com Vincent Raja

    i thought it was real..but atlast it became fake.. :)

  • blue ghost

    “Now, do you think they would have stopped the car 2 minutes form the hospital? I don’t think so.”

    Well, you know, when the baby wants to come out, the baby has to come out. :P

  • http://mikesheetal.com Mike Sheetal

    Actually if you cared to look a little more carefully, you have the wrong house… the unblurred house that is exactly the same as the one in the photo is next door, the Smart car is parked out front… still a fake though. http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=37+Hubertusallee,+Berlin&sll=35.655856,139.709203&sspn=0.017365,0.027766&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Hubertusallee+37,+Berlin+14193+Berlin,+Germany&ll=52.487935,13.284498&spn=0.006507,0.013883&z=17&layer=c&cbll=52.488032,13.28451&panoid=D20RTBOcwqmsXemFq2KqfA&cbp=12,258.35,,0,4.44

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  • Ben Hasting

    -1 We say “from” the hospital.

  • gerald rizourbourski

    Then why are there blood stains on the sidewalk in the new photo?

  • http://wasgehtab.posterous.com/ Tueksta

    viral ad for Smart

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