Video: Sony's Twin-Lens 3D Shoulder Mount Camera

In October last year, Sony started teasing a 3D CMOS camera with two lenses and the ability to shoot video at up to 240fps. Unlike Panasonic’s model, Sony’s camera was intended for professional use, and now big S is showcasing their latest 3D camcorder prototype (which again will be geared towards professional users).

Our friends over at Diginfonews in Tokyo shot the video embedded below during a technology exhibition Sony participated in last week. And while we don’t get a lot of information, one things seems to be clear: this thing will be a monster, an expensive one.

What we do learn is that the camera will feature “four SxS memory slots, left and right channel HD-SDI outs, and a dial for adjusting the point of convergence.” According to Diginfonews, Sony is currently readying the camcorder for release next year.

Here’s the video: