Survey: Kids Want iOS Devices Instead Of Consoles This Year

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Well this is potentially huge. A Nielsen survey says that more kids this holiday season are interested in iOS devices than traditional consoles. You know what this means: time to throw your PS3s and Xbox 360s into the village pyre.

The results were thus:

31 percent of kids 6 to 12-year-olds want an iPad, while 29 percent want an iPod touch.

Meanwhile, only 12 percent want a 360 and 21 percent want a PS3.

This probably isn’t too surprising, being that the Xbox 360 is already 5-years-old, and the PS3 is 4-years-old. They’re not exactly shiny and new anymore, whereas the iPad still is. In fact, one other survey found that the iPad tops consumers’ holiday wish lists this year.

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