Smartdate scores another €3.5 million with the PriceMinister boys

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Smartdate announced a €2 million round in February of this year so that you could stop poking and start actually dating the friends of your Facebook friends. But now the company is kicking it up a notch and announcing that it’s raised an additional €3.5 million with the fonders of PriceMinster, Pierre Kosciuscko-Morizet and Pierre Krings. Oh, and just in case you forgot, French Ebay competitor PriceMinister went to Rakuten in June for €200 million (about $250 million) so maybe that’s why the founders have a bit of cash to spare.

As with a number of French dating sites, like the likes of Adoptaguy and Meetic, Smartdate is rapidly developing and already has a 25 person team in place. The Paris-based company founded earlier this year is very similar to Zoosk in that it is basing its online dating service on Facebook, although there’s no Zoosk-like application for users to install directly on Facebook. Smartdate has users connecting via Facebook Connect and requires that you be at least 18 in order to access the Smartdater community. In addition, you have to be willing to share your height.

Smartdate’s site – currently available in 6 languages (English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and German) – also physically looks like Facebook in many ways with a central newsfeed on the user’s homepage, status updates and a recommendation tool called “Smartmatch” (photo). In the same way that Pandora radio gets smarter the more you use it, Smartmatch also tries to understand your taste – you pretty much just have to say yes or no to the profiles you see. And along the same lines as the Facebook poke, users can send winks to each other.

The site counted some 300K members back in July and should be making the 650K mark by the end of this month. According to Alexa, Smartdate also counts more monthly unique visitors than French online dating giant, Meetic, but definitely still has a way to go to reach the number of registered users.

There are no surprises in terms of Smartdate’s Freemium business model; starting at €9.99 per month for 12 months, users can buy additional personalization options, unlimited communications features and access confidentiality parameters to control who sees what on their profiles.

Having raised €5.5 million since the beginning of the year, Smartdate is definitely one of the few newer French startups to have raised so much capital in such a short period of time from France-based investors. Apparently, Kosciusko-Morizet and Kring’s Kernal Holdings is planning to make further later-stage investments over the next 3 years.

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  • forumcommentator

    In news a couple of years from now…

    ‘GATTACA Style Dating Site Launches… Submit Your DNA Now!’

    Or next month…

    ‘Check-In Driven Dating App Automatically Ends Couples Engagement to be Married after Future Husband Checks into Wrong Hotel’

    ‘Woman Claims She was Just One Like from Marriage after 3 Year Relationship But Accidentally Clicked Flag This Button’

    These ‘smart dating’ apps are going to generate some fun future shock. And a lot of us think FB’s influence on society is scary. I think we’ve seen nothing yet!

    • MysteryTroy

      Isn’t eharmony or ok cupid gattaca style dating today? Sure not dna, but they run numbers to match you. dna would just be a number eventually, but . ..

  • Youareyou

    Isn’t the point of dating to *start* poking?

    • forumcommentator


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  • A.B. Dada

    I registered to check it out. I must be missing something, because it looks and feels exactly like every other dating site I’ve visited.

    Online dating is pretty much the same everywhere — maybe OKCupid is doing something “different”, but it’s still basically the same thing regurgitated without any major additional features.

    What am I missing here?

    • A.B. Dada

      Useless site. Already received spammy messages from fake users who are obviously using softcore model photos. I’ve used two other sites for a number of years to meet interesting people, and on neither of the sites did I ever once get a fake profile sending me a message.

      Total fail. Whoever invested wasted their money.

      • jonnie

        I like the interface.. it’s much cleaner than otehr sites I have been on
        + why would you want it to be radically different? a dating site remains a dating site, just like expedia resembles other travel sites. That doesn’t mean Expedia is a flop?

      • Kyle

        WTF at jonnie and Sammy spamming the same canned defense?

      • Kyle

        I decided to give it a try. It sucks.

        Do a search for people within 10km of me (I’m in the US) and I get practically only results from Europe…

    • Sammy

      I like the interface.. it’s much cleaner than otehr sites I have been on
      + why would you want it to be radically different? a dating site remains a dating site, just like expedia resembles other travel sites. That doesn’t mean Expedia is a flop?

      • A.B. Dada

        I registered, and all I received was spam after spam after spam message.

        A fast search through profiles shows me nothing but fakes. The same softcore model was used by 10 different profiles — and finding real profiles was next to impossible.

        Plus, $59.99/month to communicate? is *free* and unlimited, and there’s no spammy profiles.

        The site is a joke. I wouldn’t go near it again — there are a myriad of ways to make dating sites different, and this one doesn’t have a single new item of interest.

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  • manofkent

    I always thought that dating leads to poking (but I am 61 so perhaps the younger generation infer something different from ‘poking’).

  • click here for find more info free

    There might be some good fame this site has got in the recent times but then hasn’t been much in the talking all this while, and talking about what has been talked about it here I would say there were many things that sounds to be controversial.

  • CynthiaDenver

    It seems the only innovation point for French startups nowadays revolves solely around dating *lol*

  • Lou

    Actually, I understand why they managed to get these 3.5 millions. It is a great site and even if it’s French and everything, I think Smartdate works quite well…
    Okay – I have to admit I’m one of their members! But it works quite right: I’ve already met a couple of interesting guys through their website… :)

  • Julien Marie

    Well… 650 000 members ? And only 11 girls connected at 8pm in France on a french site ??? There’s something I dont get…

    • A.B. Dada

      Exactly. It’s a spam hub, no better than Craigslist for dating.

      I’d much prefer an interactive site that offered me something more than all the rest, but so far none of the sites out there really grasp the potential of a slim-interface, Web 2.0 AJAX style searches, and a consistent way to communicate without having to pay $60 a month.

      Here’s a little trick: go out tonight and say “hi” to any cute person you meet. Save yourself the $60 and talk to real people, not robots. Deadpool in 12 months, for sure.

    • Sonia

      That’s not true. I’m often on the chat on evenings and truly I have plenty of choice! Okay, there might be more men on line than women, but still…

    • Fabrice Le Parc

      Julien, we don’t just have 11 people online, it’s a fixed-number selection of profiles among those who just subscribed. We’ll explain that better in the header.

      • Julien Marie

        @Fabrice : Oh Ok, I understand now… it’s better to have 11 connected people and multiple pages of “recently connected” shown… more user value delivered obviously…

  • Vincent J.D.

    It only needs two clicks to unsuscribe to the smartdate mails: folks, are you really trying? This site is nothing new, but it seems to work, and to have a viable model – or is it me and French investors are just morons?

    Following a debate between those for and those against is of no interest to me, but let’s just wait until we see if the morale of this – other – online dating endeavour is: “you were doomed to fail for lack of rigour and freshness” or “let the world say what they will”.

    • Rosemary_love91

      i love u am rosemary from ghana

  • Fabrice Le Parc

    Always interesting to see people spending their time criticizing instead of building stuff ;)

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