Fangirl Oprah Says The iPad Is Her All-Time "Favorite Thing"

For those of you who have never watched Oprah’s “favorite things” episodes of her show, the talk show host airs an annual segment each holiday where she lists her most desired products and subsequently gifts these things to her studio audience. As this is the last season for her show, this year’s segment (she held two in honor of the occasion), Oprah has made this year’s “favorite things” one to remember. First off, she announced that the iPad is her “number one favorite thing ever.”

She says about the device, “words cannot describe how I feel for this device.” She added that one her favorite apps for the iPad (besides her own app of course) is Scrabble. She then gifted each member of the audience an iPad (it’s unclear how many people were in the audience but it is generally in the hundreds). We’re also not sure what type of iPad she’s giving her audience but because Oprah’s such a generous gal, we’re assuming it’s the $829 64GB with Wifi and 3G).

Of course, it’s not a surprise that Oprah loves the device. She has been “gushing” about the iPad since Steve Jobs first revealed the device earlier this year. And she gave all of her O Magazine staffers an iPad this year in honor of the publication’s 10th anniversary.

Other technology gadgets and gifts that made this year’s ultimate favorite things episodes include a five-year Netflix subscription, a Sony 3-D television, a Sony Blu-Ray Player and a Kiva-Groupon partnership. Microsoft’s Bing also got a shoutout, giving the audience gift cards to donate money with.