Metro PCS launches their first Android phone: the LG Optimus M

Joining the Optimus party that T-mobile and Sprint have been getting down at since October, and that US Cellular is still on his way to (Verizon is reportedly partying, but at an entirely different address to the others), Metro PCS have now launched their own version of LG’s cheapest Android handset, dubbing it the Optimus M.

This is a momentous day for Metro PCS, too, as it is their very first Android-powered handset. Aw… happy days.

The Optimus M will be available tomorrow, November 24, for a hefty $230 — significantly more than the $30 that T-mobile want for the device (or the $1 that Walmart are asking for it) — but that nets you a contract-free $50 unlimited talk, text, and web plan.

The Optimus M runs Android 2.2 atop a 3.2″ touch-screen, and has a 3.2MP camera ’round the back.

Those interested can check the full press release here.