Millennial: iOS And Android Tie For Smartphone Impression Share In October

Mobile ad network Millennial Media is releasing its monthly data on mobile devices and OS marketshare for October today. Millennial, whose ads reach 63 million of a total of 77 million mobile web users in the U.S., or 81% of the U.S. mobile web; is reporting that Android is now tied with iOS as the largest Smartphone OS on
the network, with an 8% increase month-over-month and 37% impression share. Apples iOS also took a 37% impression share, and dropped from a 49% impression share in September. RIM followed Android ad iOS for a 20% impression share in October.

Android ad requests grew 65% month-over-month, and since January, Android has grown 2182%. In contrast Apple requests only increased 12% month-over-month and since January, Apple requests have increased 32%. RIM ad requests grew 43% month-over-month. The iPad saw the biggest growth, with requests rising 112% month-over-month.

General smartphone impression share increased 3% month-over-month and accounted for 61% of the mobile phone impression share in October. Feature Phone impression share only increased 1% month-over- month and represented 28% of the Smartphone, Feature Phone
and Connected Device mix.

In terms of actual manufacturers, Apple once again took the top spot for the thirteenth month in a row, representing 25% of the manufacturers impression share in October. Samsung came in second with 17% and Motorola followed closely as third, with a 15% impression share.

RIM devices represented six of the top 30 Mobile Devices on Millennial’s network but Samsung saw the highest growth, adding three new devices to the list, Vibrant Galaxy S, Samsung Smooth and Samsung SCH-R451. Interestingly, Millennial added connected devices, like the iPod Touch, Apple iPad and the Sony PSP, and all three devices made the list. In fact the iPod Touch was number 3 (ahead of phones like the Motorola Droid).

One data point worth noting is that impressions outside the U.S. on Millennial’s netwok have grown 20 percent faster than U.S. impressions. The top 4 countries on Millennial’s ad network are United States, UK, Canada and South Korea.

All signs point to the fact that Android is eating away at the smartphone marketshare that Apple and RIM once commanded. It’s certainly interesting to see that trend continue in terms of ad impressions. In terms of Millennial’s data, this is the first time that Android has actually caught up to iOS in terms of impressions. Does this mean that Android devices could overtake iOS in the next few months?