HTC Knight/Speedy is now HTC EVO Shift 4G

If you’re a fan of succinct model names, then shield your eyes because that HTC Knight (Speedy) we heard about last month has — according to Engadget — been given its final moniker, and it’s a doosy. Ready?

The HTC EVO Shift 4G.

Yup, this thing has more names than a certain German immigrant.

Combining the names of two of HTC’s beastliest products — The EVO 4G and the Shift — you might expect this device to be massive.

Nope. With a 3.7″ screen, and a rumoured four-row slide-out keyboard, the EVO Shift 4G is just your average QWERTY slider.

Other rumours have said that it will come packin’ a high-capacity battery (welcome news), but Engadget believe that it won’t come with a front-facing camera, but they also don’t rule it out entirely.

We’ll keep you posted as any more news comes to the fore.

[Via Android Community]