How Apple conceived an iPad with artificial intelligence in the 1990s

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Posted four years ago but likely made in the 1990s, this video, created by Apple, shows how the technology giant has been thinking about combining a touch screen interface with artificial intelligence, content sharing and voice recognition for absolutely years. Given it’s acqusition of Siri, the voice recognition iPhone app, it’s clear this is entirely the direction Apple is heading in. I think this is fascinating.

Video: “Apple Computer Knowledge Navigator”

  • Lyndon Morant

    You see this is what voice recognition should be – the ability to converse with a computer, rather than simply voice commands. Now that’s cool.

  • james hardaker

    Star Trek did this earlier.

  • Knowtilus


    We are developing Virtual assistants with Text to Speech and Speech Recognition on iPad and iPhone.

    Honestly, it is not possible to have an open conversation with a device like the man has in the video.

    Our current approach it’s to attack small (more closed) conversation domains, like reservations, banking operations, etc.

    We have a first step in that direction with our new project Knowtilus Navigator for iPad, that has an Avatar and Speech capabilities.

    It’s a FREE App for iPad:

  • Gerry Hurley

    This video was produced in 1989 — I saw John Sculley present it to a DEC conference (with the comment that Apple lawyers wanted him to make clear this is NOT a product announcement!).

    Sculley had encouraged the team behind this, seeing it as a pitch for the future of computing that would help prepare the ground for the Newton launch a few years later.

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  • Alex Gollner

    Wrote about this video and another Apple one from ’88 which shows a computer a lot like an 14″ iPad on a desk stand, but this one is semitransparent.

    The woman interacting also uses gestures to control the UI, but does this in mid-air (‘Minority Report’-style but with no special rings or glove).

    There’s also a link to a video set on December 5th 2010 made by Microsoft in 2005.

    Find out more at

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