Panasonic's New Electric Bike Has Big Battery, Boasts 66km Travel Range

We’ve covered quite a few electric bikes over the years, but Panasonic’s new model, the oddly named EX BE-ENE [JP, PDF] has one feature that makes it stand out: at 12Ah, it boasts the battery with biggest capacity for an e-bike out there, according to the company. Panasonic says its version tops conventional e-bike batteries by around 20% in this area.

Like most other electric bikes, the EX BE-ENE has three modes. There is the automatic mode, which lets you travel 46km on a single charge, the power mode (46km) and the eco-mode, which even makes it possible to travel for 66km. The battery takes 4 hours to charge.

Panasonic plans to start selling the bike, which is sized at 580×1,875mm and weighs 27.7kg, on December 6. It’s going to available in Japan only for the time being (price: $1,600).