Survey says Android owners secretly suffer iPhone-envy

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Cue fanboi wars.

According to an incredibly opportunistic survey carried out by mobile comparison website, Android owners are four times more likely to covet an iPhone than vice versa. Specifically, a third of Android owners polled admitted to suffering severe iPhone-envy, whilst just seven per cent of iPhone users said that they’d prefer an Android-powered smartphone.

I say smartphone but actually the survey also found that quite a few respondents didn’t know what the term meant. And who can blame them, such is the blurring of feature and smartphone definitions. Noteworthy perhaps is that there was a marked difference based on gender. Only seven per cent of men were unaware of what the term ‘smartphone’ meant, compared to 18% of women.

The gender differences also played out in the choice of smartphone. “Women were found to be particularly strong supporters of the iPhone, with nearly three quarters of those surveyed stating it was the most desirable model”, according to the survey’s report.

But back to the headline story.

Why are so many Android owners closet iPhone fans? “I think it’s telling that so many Android owners desire, yet don’t own an iPhone, which I believe points to price being the prohibitive factor”, says a MyPhoneDeals spokesman, who perhaps wisely chose to remain anonymous.

So it’s official then. Android is the poor person’s iPhone.

  • Andrew

    I am male and know what smartphone means and I would never want the glass crap that, its strangled by its parent.

  • Racing Hippo

    No, no – it just shows that iPhone users aren’t savvy enough to know what Android *is* let alone appreciate how much better it is ;)

    But seriously, *everyone* knows what an iPhone is (one thing Apple are kings of is creating brand desirabilty), yet your average Jo(e) doesn’t necessarily know what Android’s all about, so obviously they wouldn’t want one more than their iPhone.

    • Igor

      You are right ;) The Android is a platform available for a bunch of manufacturers that do not want to put money in the platform advertising but rather in concrete device ads. Then as the iPhone is a device that is on the wave of biggest BUZZ supported by Apple heavily. That is why mens in the streets do not know about Android but definitely they heard about iPhone ;-). iPhone is a great device but as a platform Android much better. I was using iPhone 3G and switched to Nexus One because that has less amount of stupid limitations for users and developers.

    • Steve O'Hear

      But those expressing that they wanted an iPhone *are* already Android owners. So it’s not a case of brand recognition. They have an Android phone but would prefer an iPhone.

      • Racing Hippo

        My argument is not about how many Android users would like an iPhone; it’s that far LESS iPhone users are aware that there’s an alternative and therefore don’t/can’t covet it.

        I have a friend – female – who announced earlier this year that she simply HAD to have an iPhone. Sure enough, when I asked if she’d considered an Android phone instead, she said “What’s that?”
        So I showed her my somewhat out-of-date G1.
        She is now a very proud owner of – and evangelist for- a Desire.

        If more iPhone users a) knew of the alternative and b) rated usefulness over the desire to have This Year’s Must-Have Gadget, the survey you cite would have had a very different result.

        Incidentally, I went to looking for the survey – I couldn’t find it (link please?) but I did notice their “most popular phones” league:
        * HTC Wildfire (Android)
        * Blackberry 8520
        * Nokia N8 (Symbian)
        * HTC Desire (Android)
        * HTC Desire (Android)
        * Blackberry 9800 Torch

        Nuff said.

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  • bleno

    “Android is the poor person’s iPhone.”

    Good Android phones are in the same price range than the iPhone.

  • Jackson

    Whoa hang on. Because more android owners desire an iphone than the other way round, it doesn’t necessarily follow that

    a. Android is the poor person’s iPhone
    b. Android owners suffer from iPhone envy

    It could mean that. It could also mean any number of other things like

    a. Android owners are the kind of people that always want something “better” – the grass is always greeer etc
    b. Android owners are less dogmatic or brand loyal
    c. Maybe the android users bought their phone prior to the new iphone coming out

    etc etc

    Personally I have an android phone but would happily switch to a different phone (and back) to whatever happens to be good

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  • Corrupted Mind

    Fascinating debate. But a bit silly, I’m an Android user (by choice) and its hard not to have a bit of iphone envy. Why? Firstly, the Army of devs they have innovating away in the app store. Secondly, the end to end integration (ipod to iphone to imac to macbook to ipad to itv) if you have other Mac products that integrations is highly persuasive. On a hardware front its pretty much dilute to taste (i.e. Android has more than enough variations to suit almost any user). On the software front (i.e. Os) some would have Apple ahead while others will have Android ahead – featurewise they’re very very close. On the poor mans iphone quip – while there still isn’t much in terms of completely free iphone 4 deals around – for a power user like me the phone was free and I still chose android.

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  • Joshua

    Android is the poor mans iphone? What kind of ridiculous comments is that? I’ve owned 3 iphones before I knew anything about android, and I’m so glad I found out about android. The iPhone is for women and children. It should be called a dumbphone.

  • Mark

    And in breaking news… 33% of all android owners found to be sarcastic

  • The-one-who-states-reality

    Yes, but many Android users are not too poor to buy it or suffer from iPhone envy. I am one of them who are not the stated above. Truthfully in my opinion, iPhone is a device meant for any simple task. Actually, instead of iPhone, for me getting a smartphone with an iPad has better value, since the price difference is just tiny. iPhone are used for entertainment or for some cases, for a rich guy to brag. Smartphones, however, are much better but much more complicated than the iPhone, although people like me can easily figure out the Androids, for they have features that even a jailbroken iPhone can’t compare. Android have more value for their money. iPhone are, in my opinion, not so much for their value. I know the functionality of both iPhone and an Android, which is my Sony x10, and I tested both out, and I found out of the many flaws of iPhone. Conclusion: Android > iPhone and of course, verdicts;
    People who buy Android for specific reasons- 90% People who buy Android because of not being able to get it- 10% Apple fanboys should not state iPhone is better through fanboysim, but face the fact that Android pwns iPhone. And don’t flame, especially if because you are Apple fanboy. These are facts: PC > Mac, Smartphone > Mac, and Android / BB / Symbian > Apple’s gay iOS
    I’m not trying to bash Apple, I just am sharing what I know.

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