Want a job? BraveNewTalent launches smart Facebook app for social recruitment

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When social networks first appeared they looked like they would completely change the recruitment industry. I mean, a profile was exactly like someone’s CV, right? Wrong. Despite LinkedIn doing very well as a hub for recruiters that put the time and effort in (and upgraded to the Pro version) or others using Facebook as a recruiting ‘back door’, it remains the case that social networks tend not to be set up for real day-to-day recruitment purposes. The whole thing is just a bit of a mess, especially where people’s public and private streams start to cross.

Some startups are trying to address this issue. Notably, the newish BranchOut is a Facebook application that works out where your friends, and friends of friends, have worked. It has secured $6m from Accel, among others. Then there is JIBE, Superscout and Emp.ly. However, while many of these startups are doing the classic Silicon Valley modus operandi of trying to scale as fast as possible and get headspace among users, there is one thing most seem to be missing from the equation: Employers. This is a group who are massively cautious and usually need hand holding. They are even now only just getting used to the idea that traditional recruitment consultancies or job boards are may be affected by ‘social recruiting.’

BraveNewTalent is a startup which has taken an approach from the other end of the telescope. It’s spent time building a network of corporate clients starting in London which has brought in revenues and pushed the startup towards profitability already, but clearly that doesn’t qualify it as a startup which can scale.

What does qualify it is its new Facebook app which just went live here.

This app builds your professional profile but instead of letting potential employers see all your embarrassing Facebook profile photos, it gives them access to what they need to know about you – your education, work history and current employer – while you get to see information about them and also, more interestingly, stats on your friends.

The app will recommend employers and jobs based on your profile. You can’t bring in Linkedin connections into the app yet but that is on the roadmap. Also displayed are where my friends want to work or do actually work, and the statistics section pulls in the top companies your friends work in, top industries, universities, degrees, etc.

As CEO and founder Lucian Tarnowki says: “Employers want a presence on social networks, but they want to do it professionally.” BraveNewTalent’s view is that allowing people to follow companies in a social manner allows the companies to hire from a “warm pipeline” of people who have opted in to following them, rather than the mass market. Their long term goal is also to allow employers to passively train that potential talent in advance of them even applying for a job.

The idea is that an employer can engage with people on BraveNewTalent, which sucks in social networks like Facebook, without the need for the employer to do the heavy lifting of having a presence themselves on all these networks. Of course, they may still want to so that. But the advantage to the person looking for work is that they can interact without giving out their personal social updates, just their work-related data. Indeed, Brave New Talent may also find a home in Germany where employers have been banned from accessing Facebook for recruitment, least they stumble upon private data.

Facebook App features:

• Follow employers: Users find and follow employers that they want to learn more about and stay up-to-date with their news, tweets, blogs, videos and jobs

• Use your network: Users can see where their friends are working, which helps them expand their network of professional connections

• Extend your network: Users get to see where friends of friends are working and if they’re interested in that particular employer they can ask for an introduction

• Share jobs with friends: Any Facebook user is able to share job opportunities with their friends and invite others to come join their network so they can share jobs too

• Search for jobs: Users can browse for job opportunities, linking them directly to the posting, either on BraveNewTalent or straight to the source

• Professional profiles: Users can manage their professional information and how they are presented through their online profile on BraveNewTalent.com, keeping their professional and personal lives apart.

CEO Tarnowski – who, I understand, arrived in Silicon Valley today to meetings with the kinds of VCs that have to date been fudning social recruiting startups – has also been promoting the product in the real world – gladhanding global recruitment heads for the last year or so at a number of conferences, while his 10 person team works on the platform.

The board features Alex Hoye, CEO Latitude Group and an Angel investor, Adrian Cox –Ex-European CEO of Ask.com and barnd expert David Ball. Clients include McAfee, L’Oreal, Allen & Overy, Pinsent Masons, Eversheds and Tesco.

Is their London location a disadvantage? Tarnowski’s view is that London and NYC are a better base than the Valley as there are more HR Directors in London than any other city in the world. Perhaps being in the Valley would be a disadvantage for once.

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  • Graeme

    Mike, that’s a great pointt about LinkedIn. I said something along the same lines back in a blog post over at my employer’s (Mercury Grove) website. http://mercurygrove.com/2010/10/thinking-of-something-to-do/

  • http://alltopstartups.com Thomas Oppong

    I like the idea and the market is targeted and focused. Job seekers and employees will both benefit in a positive way.

  • http://www.zoltanvegh.com/ Zoltan Vegh

    Another promising concept, however the challenge to sort out the good candidates from a few hundred or even thousand followers still remains part of the process. As a recruitment consultant I say this source is a must have, but from an HR person point of view it is more work.I was excited when Jobfox or Zubka started its operations, but the truth is that still the classic job board concept is the winner, although it is very far from efficient. I think if you have a job, and you are happy with it, you do not bother to share jobs on facebook or read companies posts. To sum up, it is a great concept, but the CVs and the recruitment companies will still stay for a while.

  • Mark Speed

    Nothing original about this. It’s already been tried multiple times and the problem is with HR. Stuck in their ways. I predict deadpool within 12 months.

  • http://hirednext.com black

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  • Aisha

    I registered for the app and have been waiting for the verification email since past 15 min even after resending! Guess I will have to look for another app to help me with job search…

  • http://www.work4labs.com Dhara Mistry

    Another app that has proved extremely successful to companies like American Apparel, LOreal, Accenture, Cisco is the ‘Work for Us’ app: http://bit.ly/WorkforUS

    The app allows the recruiters to post all their jobs on their company’s Facebook Fan Page and leverage the social network’s huge candidate pool. It pulls jobs automatically from your site, creates customized ads for your jobs through a proprietary statistical engine, and utilizes advanced social features to help jobs go viral. It can be set up in minutes, requires very little maintenance, and fits seamlessly into existing HR processes/ATS systems.

    Get a FREE trial for one whole month!

  • Sofia

    This is a great idea, but how is this different from what BranchOut is doing? I just attended a BranchOut presentation and am wondering what advantages this company has.

  • http://www.iamscientist.com Borya Shakhnovich

    I agree, social recruiting is going to be very big. We have a niche social recruiting play that works in the science technology and medicine space. It is based on the idea that employers want to be recommended by key opinion leaders who can refer the right candidate to apply for the position. Check out our job board on http://www.iamscientist.com/jobs

  • Adelki

    Blah blah blah … where is my job ?????????????

  • http://www.startupcafe.co.uk Jess Williamson

    Big fan of BraveNewTalent and cheering for Lucian here – thanks for the story Mike, excited to hear about his expansion!

  • T T

    Is this some sort of elaborate gag? This site has now been around for over 2 years and can boast less than 9000 members. They’ve simply lifted a (very successful) concept from their site and put it in an app. They have again mentioned the same clients they have been mentioning as new clients for the last 12 months. The idea that this site is now looking for even more money is scary.

  • T T

    Apologies, meant ‘(very unsuccessful)’. Guessing the gist of it made it pretty obvious!

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  • http://www.rockyourblock.com Sarah Young

    Now is becoming the perfect time for entrepreneurs to build job-searching and connecting capabilities into the existing social networks that people use every day. The most difficult market to reach in this type of application (teens) is now being served by an early-stage startup called Rock Your Block. Take a look: http://www.thelinemedia.com/innovationnews/rockyourblock111010.aspx

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  • http://www.cvscreen.co.uk IT Recruitment Agency

    I agree with Zoltan, the job board model is still the way for most recruiters to source candidates. Certainly, Linkedin has made things easier for Headhunters but traditional contingency recruiters continue to use the job board model and I can’t see this new site having any impact.

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