Find Photos For Your Blog In Three Easy Steps

The Cat-Circle of Lovephoto © 2008 Gloson Teh | more info(via: Wylio) Let’s say you’re a cat blogger who has just come across some breaking cat news, and you’re racing against the clock to beat the other cat publications to it but need a photo. By the time you search Flickr Creative Commons for something copyright friendly, resize it in Photoshop and attribute back to the original photographer, you’ve been beaten to the the post.

Wylio, a startup out of Dayton, Tennessee, has a solution for you. Wylio basically boils down the 20 or so steps it takes to find suitable blog photos into 1) Search Flickr Creative Commons through Wylio 2) Resize/position and 3) Copy and paste the Wylio code, which includes an attribution to the original photographer, into the post.

Wylio founder Dan Evans tells TechCrunch that the startup plans on adding more features like customizing the color of the Flickr photo credits, tracking photo use as well as building the option for user accounts in near future.

Wylio, which has been up an running in its present form for about a couple weeks, is looking for seed funding in order to expand what is currently a nifty blogger time saver into a full blown service.