Allrecipes' New App Turns Your iPad Into A Kitchen-Friendly Virtual Cookbook

One out of five people bring their laptops into the kitchen to access recipes and the iPad has emerged as as a great tool for cooks to access recipes on the go. Via both the browser and apps, the device can serve as virtual and portable cookbook that’s easy to read (as opposed to accessing recipes off of an iPhone or Android). And with protective screens covering the device, the iPad can be easily protected from any spills. Today, cooking and recipe community Allrecipes is debuting its free iPad app, which is a must download for any home cook.

You can search for recipes by course, ingredient, cooking method and cooking time, plus the app features advanced search for dietary restrictions, such as vegetarian, dairy-free, low-sodium, gluten-free and more. Other features include the ability to save searches and access to seasonal recipes collections (i.e. Thanksgiving recipes).

One of the most compelling features of the app is ability to turn on “cook mode” for a recipe. The functionality basically turns any recipe into an interactive step-by-step page with highlighted directions, an ingredient list, and kitchen timer. And the app turns on “knuckle mode,” which will allows you to swipe with your knuckles in case your fingers are soiled from cooking.

Within the app, you can upgrade to the Pro version (which costs $4.99), which allows you to create and share shopping lists, sync your online Recipe Box and more.

Allrecipes has a history of creating innovative cooking apps. Its Dinner Spinner app has been downloaded 4.8 million times. And the website receives 1.2 million unique visits every day.