What Hath Zuckerberg Wrought? Check Out This Sexy Facebook Music Video!

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Do you remember when cheesy foreign music videos used to take place in dance clubs? Now they take place on Facebook. Case in point: The above video features Bulgarian singer Gergana as she spends a hot Friday night surfing Facebook, no joke.

Sample lyrics, in English:

“You’re looking for me (all) night and day on Facebook.”

“You look cute on your picture, do you look the same in reality?”

“You like my (Facebook) profile – yes, but I lied there.”

And while it doesn’t reference the “Poke” feature in creative ways like some other videos we’ve covered, the song is actually called “Facebook” and un-ironically revolves around a flirtatious work romance taking place on the social network.

If I were Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg I’d totally take tomorrow off, to revel in my accomplishments.

Thanks: Europopped

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