New Japanese Piggy Bank: Rubik’s Cube Bank Requires Brain Power

It’s been a long time since we last blogged about a Japanese piggy bank. But now we can show you the so-called Rubik’s Cube Bank [JP], which is made by Tokyo-based toy maker MegaHouse. As you can probably guess, this piggy bank requires brain power to save and get out money.

The way it works is that you need to solve the yellow side in order to put money in and the green side in order to make the center tile pop out and get access to your coins. MegaHouse says the piggy bank can be used as a regular Rubik’s Cube as well.

But I assume this will get difficult once the cube is filled up with coins, and sized at 100×100×100mm, the bank is pretty large, too.

The Rubik’s Cube Bank is already on sale in Japan where it costs $40. Contact the Rinkya online store if you’re interested in getting one but live outside Japan.