Flattr clearly monetising its Like button for content

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In a post back in July we asked, “Is Flattr the new Facebook Like, but this time with real money?”. With 342 comments, that post got a LOT of discussion going. And it’s even being used by the controversial Wikileaks whistle-blowing site.

Now they are releasing data which suggests the service is starting to pick up at a clip.

Flattr started testing with alpha users back in February, but went public in August.

Now, two months after going public, it says it has garnered over 46,056 registered users with over €114,057 ($158,438) of “flattrs” passing through the system. It now also has Twitter and Facebook integration which should really start to get the platform motoring.

How does it work? Micropayments tend not to work but with a Flattr account you set up how much you want to go out of your account a month, from €2 to anything, then “reward” content owners that have the Digg-like Flattr button, with the cash split equally among the holders of the content that you “flatterd”. Since to get money you need an account (minimum €2 remember) and to offer it as a button on your site, Flattr encourages participation. If you do flattr nothing in a month your budget goes to charity.

Flattr can be used as a compliment to donations or advertising or even for getting small donations for open source software. Third-party applications are now starting to spring up around Flattr including ImFlattrd (social network) and a Firefox add-on (to flattr any content).

  • http://www.simplyzesty.com Niall Harbison

    I love it, lovely little concept and will work nicely for niche content producers but certainly doesn’t have mainstream appeal. NIce little business though

    • http://twitter.com/flattr_e @flattr_e

      We’re certainly hoping to have mainstream appeal. Mass-market newspapers (for ex taz.de in Germany) have already implemented and super-cool Breadpig.com integrated last month, so we think we’ll get there …!

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  • http://Erinkhoo.com Erin

    Good to hear, how do i Flattr this post?

  • http://twitter.com/flattr_e @flattr_e

    Thanks for the support, and we can’t wait to flattr TechCrunch posts too! ;)

    Meanwhile, if you like Flattr, give us a vote for best new startup in #TheEuropas here: http://eu.techcrunch.com/2010/10/21/vote-in-theeuropas-%E2%80%93-best-new-startup-in-2010/

  • http://www.thomas-haseloff.de Thomas Haseloff

    Flattr is a interesting thing! Where is your Flattr-Button ;-)

  • http://www.fastbutter.com Bigsunshinenr1

    The flattr system are quite intereresting. I was thinking to use flattr at my site, but I need to get more user first.
    Its quite suprising that flattr is a Swedish startup, just like my site.
    Made in Sweden Flattr,Skype,Spootify,and the little FastButter ;)

  • http://trendoloji.com/?p=133 Flattr İçerik için onun gibi Düğme paraya dönüştürmek için Başlıyor

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  • http://svexec.blogspot.com Duane Kuroda (fr. Revenews)

    I wrote about some of the issues that non-paywall, user-choice systems like Flatter, Kachingle and ThankThis face in light of paywalls promised by some major media companies.

    I also include some feedback from publishers using these systems in my Revenews article:

    There may be a cultural difference at play, since US users have not been putting their money where their mouth is – since the buzz hasn’t equaled the action. But there are other options such as ad-supported, crowd-funding, and more.

  • Drew

    We looked at using Flattr but never would’ve been able to get past all the red tape (government-funded university newspaper).

    One of the arguments that arose was that Flattr could be considered the Interweb-generation tip jar. I don’t agree with this viewpoint though…I feel like content consumers should be able to contribute something to authors they feel are providing a quality product of any type really (audio, video, multimedia, writing).

  • http://raphaelhertzog.com Raphaël Hertzog

    I agree that Flattr is a good way to support open source software, that’s why I launched a project called Flattr Foss: http://raphaelhertzog.com/flattr-foss/

    You are reminded to support free software each month and you get some suggestions of free software to flattr in case you don’t know what to flattr. Hope you like it.

  • http://londonstartups.co.uk/ Janos P Toth / londonstartups.co.uk

    One of the biggest problems with flattr is the language: what have I done, “I’ve just flattrd this article”? Or flattred? Flattrated?

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  • http://AlexTrup.com Alex Trup

    I love the concept and it does appear to be the best micropayments system currently on offer. I am however afraid the service will likely die a quick death once PayPal releases its recently announced micro-payments button.

    Flattr’s main shortcoming as it stands is that not enough publishers or musicians etc. are including it in their profile, so it is hard for me to commit to paying 2 Euro a month when I don’t think I’ll find enough people I want to Flattr (and I don’t want to give a person 2 Euro for one blog post).

  • http://www.travelfish.org Stuart

    Potential is certainly there. At the moment is held back somewhat by a very Euro-centric technology readership. Once it breaks out of that, then yes, huge potential.

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  • http://willhay.org Will Hay

    Big fan of this project but you must MUST MUST filter by users language on the site.

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