Digital Download Edition Of World Of Warcraft: Cataclysm Now Available To Pre-Order

You can now pre-order the digital download edition of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm from Blizzard. Buying this particular edition ensures that you’ll be able to play the game the minute Blizzard turns on the Cataclysm servers, which, incidentally, happens at 12:01am PST on December 7.

What’ll happen is, you buy the game today (or whenever), then your credit card gets charged. The next time you load the game and there’s Cataclysm available to download you’ll start downloading the game automatically, just like any other patch.

Of course, by buying the digital download edition you miss out on some of the goodies that Blizzard has lined up in the boxed editions, but then you’ll only get to play the game when the UPS person knocks on your door.

This digital download edition is $39.99.