23Video takes the fight to Brightcove and Ooyala, with a Wordpress for enterprise video

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Sometimes it feels that the likes of Brightcove and Ooyala, and their myriad competitors, are something of a hammer to crack a nut in the world of enterprise video platforms. To small and medium sized firms these players can appear pretty expensive and complex in their pricing, so smaller businesses often grudgingly revert to cheap or free consumer platforms like YouTube where the the constraints don’t suit enterprises. It’s a little like the days when online publishing was ruled by CMS systems like Interwoven, before platforms like Typepad and WordPress came along. So a new video platform launches today with the aim of bringing a simpler, all-you-can-eat pricing and service package which could well attract a lot of firms.

The 23Video startup has come up with it’s own technology platform to allow companies to create a full, out-of-the-box video site, mapped to your own domain, with a branded videoplayer for $675 a month, which includes 1 Terabyte of traffic (equivalent to an average of 160,000 videos a month). Extra traffic is $250 per TB. While Ooyala offers a $500/month package, you need to contact their sales people. And the same sales process happens over at Brightcove, where your $99 / mo will get you just 50 Videos and 40 GB of bandwidth, though they do have a credit-card-driven Express option. With 23Video the process is pretty easy and cards are also accepted.

Co-founders Steffen Tiedemann Christensen and Thomas Madsen-Mygdal, came up with the idea after launching a Denmark focused competitor to flickr. You can imagine how that turned out, so he and his team have rightly realised that going international early is perhaps a better idea.

23Video has been busy setting up deals prior to launch, and it’s out of the gate with 100+ global partners, many of them agencies selling the service on to clients, although clearly the clients will soon cotton on how to do it themselves. Some examples include kgiteater, kilroy, and Carlsberg.

Will they end up with a lot of porn merchants? I doubt it. Online video is actually destroying the porn business right now.

The platform will deliver HD video, analytics, templates and design module, distribution (via Facebook, Twitter, podcasting or Youtube), optimisation for mobile phones and iPads/iPhones, paaywall and intranet integration, and a full API allowing easy integration with other systems such as sharepoint. Users will also be able to run their own adverts as 23Video comes intergated with video ad platform Videoplaza.

The company is privately held and has no venture backing right now.

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  • http://www.iconfinder.com Martin LeBlanc

    Tillykke med at være på kommet Techcrunch – godt arbejde!

  • Peter Schaufuss

    There an error in the link to our video site, it’s:


  • http://www.reefbuilders.com Ryan

    How is 23video any different from Brightcove and Ooyala? All three have very steep pricing that is a complete turnoff for Small businesses such as myself. $675/month? That’s ridiculous.

    Plus, I can get a dedicated server for around $500/month with 2TB bandwidth that is fully managed and hire someone to customize the .swf player.

    These companies need to get in the $250/month range with all the advanced features we want (ability to add video ads, custom player, etc.) if they want us to sign on.

    • http://www.syndicaster.tv Jim Pavoldi

      Hello Ryan,

      Take a look at this:


      I have these guys set up to upload their content, use our editing suite (similar to Avid), publish content to a custom player or mulitple channels with all kinds of syndication rules (“walled garden”) and reporting built in, and insert pre-roll and overlay ads of their sponsors’ messages based on a custom ad-map that in the case of a clip like this (>60 mins) allows them to actually deliver 11 unique overlays specific to the company in their video. Some folks like this will also actually use our public-facing uploader badge to accept submissions from their community as well (Nothing’s published to their site without being vetted in the editing suite). Very simple, pricing is near your target…

    • http://www.rlife.fr Nielsenaa

      Hi !

      I have what you need guys !

      i’ve created exactly the same service as 23video (minus am finishing integrating the analytics part)

      my price is 350$/month , 700GB space, unlimited bandwith on your own dedicated server ;

      You can manage and do both vod and live broadcast. and you can fake as many tv channels as you want

      My first customer is a really famous french porn website , but quality porn! ^^ , and they are really happy

      Am looking forward to talk to you guys ;)

      Hey techcrunch, wanna make an article about a french startup making as good, maybe even better, for cheaper ? (no, we have no VC’s down here ..) please email me :)

  • Andrew

    I’ve used it and it’s easy to set-up, easy to customise amd easy to run. Customer service is great too. I’ve recommended it to anyone who’s looking for a video channel.

    We used it at Saxo Bank for http://www.tradingfloor.com/fx-video

  • http://www.mepi.pl Bartosz

    $675/month? That’s just insane. I would understand if a service like this was no more then 99$/month, for international standards. I’m supposed to make money on this, not kill my business a insane monthly subscription…

  • http://acamerareview.com mo

    it’s pretty cheap, im using Internap now and it cost me bout 2k a month (minus most of the features from 23Video), i think i shall switch soon, thanks for the info!

  • Scott

    why does TC have SOOOO much trouble with the difference between it’s and its? Or is it an inside joke and I’m just missing it?

  • http://www.rlife.fr Nielsenaa

    nej helt erlig, er 23video dansk ??

    tillyke med at vear pà Techcrunch!

  • http://www.ooyala.com Bismarck Lepe

    Hey Mike, for companies who are looking to graduate from YouTube for better analytics, meta data management, ownership of content… they can use the self-serve version of Ooyala: http://www.ooyala.com/free_trial

    This version of the platform has no monthly commitment, credit card payments and the publisher only pays for the video that is watched.

    The platform (and the price) will grow as the publishers’ needs grow.

  • http://www.rlife.fr Nielsenaa

    kudos Dk!

  • Dongsheng


    Brightcove offers a entry level services with just 99$/month.

  • Cliff

    First off, you need to spell check before publishing, I think they have that technology.
    Secondly, what with all competition in the comment section?

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  • http://www.imsocialzone.com Dervid McGurkin

    I for one just want to congratulate you on the proper use of the word “Myriad”.
    Well done.
    Now please show everyone else at TechCrunch how it is to be properly applied in context.

  • http://robertsandie.com Robert Sandie

    Let’s not forget about Viddler Business Service offering that starts at $100 and scales much more competitively – http://b2b.viddler.com

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  • Jonas

    What everyone fails to understand is that 23 Video is a full videosite – not just a a videoplayer like viddler/ooyala, etc.

    Different era of products.

    • Henrik Kryger Pallesen

      Exactly Jonas, and I think that 23 is just being smart by not targetting small “techcrunch” start-ups but medium sized companies for whom it doesn’t matter whether a service costs 200$ or 700$ per month as long as the service is reliable.

      In fact a lot of techcrunch start-ups could learn from this lesson – You don’t have to compete on price.

      Kudos to 23

      • http://www.wordy.com/ Anders Schepelern

        Oh, so true!

    • karen

      Different era of products? Besides a video page, I don’t really see the difference. Sure it’s a nice offering but c’mon, a video page is pretty easy to create.

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  • Eric

    23Video is nothing but old water on new bottles and there are absolutly nothing in 23Video system or price offering that we have not seen before.

    There are many companies within the online video managment business that offers better solutions with a shaper price.

    When do people like 23Video realise that the Dot.com days are over? Embarrassing that TechCrunch publish these irrelevant marketing articles ordered by these Dot.com whistle blowers like 23Video.

  • http://www.virtual-sales.com Andy Dickens

    I would like to nominate vzaar for this award as they offer a great no nonsense Video Platform with a great pricing model to suit all!

    Please see their web site http://www.vzaar.com for details on who they are and the services offered.

    Andy Dickens
    Virtual Sales Ltd

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