PayPal Announces Android Market Payment Support, Quickly Pulls It

Well, well, well. An eagle-eyed reader tells us PayPal posted a short announcement yesterday on its corporate blog, only to pull it mere seconds later. As you can tell from the URL, PayPal was poised to announce support for “all three major mobile platforms” (also see retweets of the blog post).

That is: support for Apple’s App Store, Blackberry App World … and Android Market.

How do we know? Thanks to a little something called Google cache (screenshot below for posterity).

We don’t know why the announcement was pulled, but presumably the news will be spread at PayPal’s X Innovate conference today and someone simply pulled the trigger on the blog post a bit too soon.

Not that word of the deal hadn’t gotten out prior to PayPal’s developer conference (see here, here and here).

Nevertheless, the news will make a lot of Android app developers and publishers smile.

(Hat tip to Eric Wijngaard)