Compete Top 50: Bing And Ask Rise – MySpace, MapQuest And Flickr Fall

Online analytics company Compete has just published its ranking of the top 50 websites for September 2010, giving some insights into current visitor trends (and not absolute numbers, as the company tends to undercount traffic for most websites).

Compete’s data compilation shows increasing traffic to Microsoft’s search engine Bing (up 11.7 percent for the month and 108.5 percent for the year) as well as (up 8.7 percent for the month and 75.3 percent for the year). On the other side of the spectrum we – unsurprisingly – find MySpace (unique visitors down 5.53 percent for the month and 19.1 percent for the year) and MapQuest (down 5.8 for the month and 22.1 percent for the year).

If MySpace’s redesign will help buck the trend remains to be seen.

Perhaps more surprisingly, Yahoo’s seems to have lost some of its shine lately, showing a 14 percent decline in unique user visits in September 2010.

And what about IAC’s, which actually jumped over online juggernauts such as and last month, according to Compete’s data. The search engine is now ranked in sixth place, trailing sites like Wikipedia, Yahoo, Google, Facebook and YouTube.

Other winners include Disney’s and, which showed the largest monthly unique user visitor gains (15.8 percent and 30.5 percent, respectively).