Stripper Lessons Just $45 On Groupon

While a little (mostly NSFW) Googling does confirm that pole dancing is in fact a form of “exercise,” the spate of stripper dance inspired deals on deals sites like Groupon and Living Social have finally alarmed someone other than us.

Brought to our attention via Twitter this morning, today’s Groupon Chicago deal for “Pole-Dance Classes at Sheila Kelley S Factor” is raising some eyebrows, judging from the comments:

“Could there please be a way to opt out of anything that involves Groupon trying to get women to act like strippers? Please? I just don’t want to receive these offers in my email. I’ve posted about this repeatedly and would really, really like to continue to enjoy Groupon without being subjected to photos of women writhing on poles.”


I actually read an interview with the founder of Groupon and he said he wouldn’t include deals for gun ranges (or abortion clinics—bizarre!) but stripped poles are fine? Okay then.”

Hmm … Should Groupon set up a “no pole dancing” filter? While Rebecca K. likens today’s offering to a deal for a gun range or abortion clinic, not everyone is a hater …

“It’s fun, and a safe place to let your inhibitions go without judgement [sic]. –donna m.([sic], ominous)

And more from the comments…

“What’s the cover charge if I just want to go and watch?”