SmartTwitter Posts Your Tweets On Facebook, Minus The Noise

Do you use Facebook? Do you use Twitter? Well then here’s SmartTwitter. You’re welcome.

Yes it’s true that Twitter already has its own clunky status updating app on Facebook and there are plenty of apps that do this, like Tweeter.

But what sets SmartTwitter apart, aside from its simplicity of use, is the fact that Twitter language kruft like hashtags, retweets, @replies and @mentions look so out of place on Facebook and many people end up disabling these apps to stop the Twitter jargon from appearing in their feed and annoying their non-Twitter using friends.

Built by Michael Hoisie in one weekend using the GO programming language and Redis, the app currently has over 90,000 users. As easy and effective as it is to use (interface below) I wouldn’t be surprised if that number hits 100K by the end of this month.

Froms Hoise, on his motivation for building the app:

“Smart Twitter was written out of the frustration with the existing Twitter-to-Facebook apps. They either copied everything, or required an arbitrary hashtag to post updates. It should be possible for a computer to figure out which Tweets should be copied to Facebook and which ones should remain on Twitter.”

And so it was. Also, I no longer have to visit Facebook.

For those of you that might visit Facebook more than I do, there’s also a SmartTwitter for pages.

Via: HN