Ewwwww… Your Phone Is Dirtier Than A Toilet Flush Handle

According to a study by Stanford University students, your phone is covered with 18 times more germs than a toilet handle which means, in short, anyone who touches your phone will get your disgusting, disgusting germs. The study, published in July, found that:

“If you put virus on a surface, like an iPhone, about 30 percent of it will get on your fingertips,” Julian said. In turn, “a fair amount of it may go from your fingers to your eyes, mouth or nose,” the most likely routes of infection.

While most people are smart about their contact with other people, if you’re like me and suck on your fingers for hours at a time and lick other people uncontrollably this could be a huge problem.

Incidentally, I predict that in four to five hours some janky OEM will release a case or something marketed as an iPhone germ killer. Mark my words.

via SacBee