Camera Case & Storage Round-Up

We’ve looked at an absurd amount of computer and camera bags over the years. What follows is a handy-dandy round-up of all the camera cases. There’s camera backpacks, messenger bags, and satchels meant for the average consumer to the most die-hard professional. Some are as cheap as $50 while others are north of $200. But they’re all quality. Enjoy.

cs-17-full-2Kata CS-17 Camera Satchel

• Messenger bag
• Dual purpose camera/notebook bag
• $140 MSRP
• From the review: “It effectively holds both a notebook and a DSLR at the same time.”

crumplerCrumpler 8 Million Dollar Home

• Satchel bag
• Dual purpose camera/notebook bag
• $170 MSRP
• From the review: “The 8MDH might not be for everyone due to its large size, but it will hold a ton of camera gear as well as your laptop.”

booq-boaBooq Boa Flow XL

• Huge backpack
• Triple purpose camera / notebook / everything bag
• $199 MSRP
• From the review: “You could pack for a multi-week European vacation in the bag.”

kata-db-453Kata Digital Bag DB-453

• Camera bag
• Holds both a DSLR and a 11-inch notebook
• $50 MSRP
• From the review: “Sure, the bag is $50, which is somewhat steep for a smaller bag. But because it holds my DSLR and 11-inch notebook in such perfect harmony, it has my vote.”

kata-3n1-1Kata 3N1-33

• A backpack/sling
• Tons of camera storage
• $145 MSRP
From the review: “You could probably fit a whole Ritz Camera store in it and still have room for a sack lunch.”

Tenba Photo/Laptop Daypack

• A backpack camera case
• Looks good, works great
• $139 MSRP
From the review: “Tenba’s Photo/Laptop Daypack is more of a photography bag then anything else.”

Tenba Messneger

• A messenger camera bag
• Room for everything
• $114 MSRP
From the review: “It combines the two features I really need: a padded, secure way to transport my laptop, and somewhere to put my DSLR when I don’t want to pack all my camera gear with me.”

Timbuk2 Snoop Camera Messenger Bag

• A messenger camera bag
• A tad cramped, but it works well
• $130 MSRP
From the review: “The construction is top notch. The material is tough but yet a bit classy. It’s a good bag as long as you do not require lots of storage room for your camera gear.”

Kata DR-467 Digital Rucksack

• A camera backpack
• Pro quality
• $199 MSRP
From the review: “My initial reaction when the Kata made it into the office was that it was a cheap knockoff of the aforementioned Lowepro, but after a few weeks I’ve changed my mind.”

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