Add Game Mechanics To Your Site In Five Minutes With BigDoor

White label game mechanics startup BigDoor Media today announces the launch of new its new “MiniBar” features, which consist of Facebook compatible widgets that allow website owners to incorporate game mechanics and loyalty programs easily onto their own sites.

With this new service, the BigDoor platform will custom generate the code site owners need to to create virtual economies including defining site currency, defining transactions, defining virtual goods and well as building badges and providing analytics.

In the same modularized gaming space as Badgeville and OneTrueFan, BigDoor’s customized widget implementation allows you to “add game mechanics to your site in less than five minutes,” according CEO Keith Smith.

No hard core developing skills needed, you can just embed the BigDoor widget code on to your own source code if you’re looking for a way to tie real life user actions into social rewards in any of their multitude forms including badges, levels and leaderboards, etc, an ideal system for content sites that want to take advantage into the huge social gaming thrust currently popular.

While the toolbar-like “MiniBar” is not as aesthetically appealing as Badgeville badges, BigDoor is committed to continuing its movement towards the accessibility trend, announcing alongside this new product a 70% service price reduction and simplified cost structure for new clients.

Seattle-based BigDoor has $5.47 million in funding from the Foundry Group and is also announcing an additional $250k in financing from Seattle’s Founder Co-Op to coincide with today’s product launch, intending to use the financing to continue to turn real life action into monetizeable online social rewards.