Vertu makes a video explaining why we can't afford their phones

Look down. Now look up. Your phone is now made of DIAMONDS.

Got $310,000 to spend on a phone like the Vertu Signature Cobra? No? Hm. How about $83,000, for the Vertu Signature Diamond. Still no? Well, crap. Oh! Okay, here: how about somewhere between $4,000 and $7,000 for the new Vertu Constellation Quest? That’s totally reasonable, right?

Not feelin’ it? Check out the video after the jump. In just two minutes, Vertu will fully convince you as to why you should drop the cash for their $6,000 phone over say, any thing reasonable and not-totally-ridiculous. Or maybe not.

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“Any other luxury category, whether it’s cars, watches, handbags, fashion… it’s all about beauty and an emotional value. It’s for people who want to express their lifestyle, their success, have a high appreciation of the beautiful materials and experience. Thats the same for Vertu.”

The problem: in most other luxury categories, the luxury item in question does everything the top-of-the-line non-luxury items do — just better (or at the very least, on par.) Luxury sports cars have the speed; luxury bags carry items just as well, but whilst boasting some ridiculous brand. Vertu phones? Yeaaah.. given the few passing glimpses we’ve had at handsets like the Constellation Axyta or the Ascent, the software experience seems more on par with entry-level featurephones than anything coming out of the likes of Apple or HTC in the past few months.

It’d be like selling a Ferrari with the engine of a Kia Spectra.

[Video via BGR]